Here are The Facts

There is No Gas Shortage and Legit reason for the high Gas Prices. Exxon: $55.7 billion — setting a company record and bringing in $6.3 million an hour. Chevron: $36.5 billion – doubling their 2021 profits, with executives flaunting their “outstanding results” in an earnings call. Marathon: $14.5 billion — Q4 profit of $3.32 billion surged 331% from previous year. 

We Have to get Rid of Our Dependency and reliance on The foreign Fuel Industry. We CAN and SHOULD Refill and increase our Fuel Reserves, Then and only then, We can ACTUALLY Control Pricing. The Government Has NOTHING to do with gas Prices. During the Time of Using Our Reserves, WE MUST Re-Allocate Subsidies into our Renewable Clean Energy programs. We have to Build our Infrastructure to supply our Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen, and other Clean Energy Initiatives. 

Over the Last Decade Almost 2 Millions Guns have been Stolen from Legal Gun Owners and Gun Dealers. These Guns are what Have FLOODED Our streets and Supplied The Cartels. We have to get real with this conversation and we need to get to a resolution that does not end in MORE GUNS. Obviously this has not Worked. IN FACT It has made things worse and has Created More of a Real Danger in the World. This Has FUELED the Fear In the Citizens to a point where Many are even afraid to leave their houses. This is not what America was founded on. 

Regardless of what The Far Right Tells you. Illegal Immigrants DO NOT RECIEVE GOVERNMENT Program Entitlements. They Pay Taxes and do not reap the benefits from being a Tax Payer. Illegal Immigrants Contribute 11.6 BILLION DOLLARS of Tax Revenue Every Year. REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE RIGHT TRIES TO GASLIGHT YOU WITH!



Florida is facing an unprecedented housing market affordability crisis. The State’s population growth is the second highest in the country. Supply and demand being fundamental market factors, this is causing housing costs to increase at extraordinary rates. That factor, coupled with population growth, has significantly increased pressure on the rental housing market. From March of 2020, through October of 2022, rent for a one-bedroom increased 36.1%3,Florida also has the highest percentage of cost-burdened renters in the country. 

Unfortunately, Florida Housing Crisis was Self Induced. By Staying Fully Open During Covid-19 Pandemic, We were FLOODED with Americans looking for work and new pastures. Yes, We had a great Financial Success, but this showed short lived and temporary. We are now feeling the pinch with HYPER INFLATION in the most populated areas.

A way to Increase the chances of home Ownership and achieve the American Dream, Each County Will Be required to be occupied by Owners at a rate of 75%. 25% will be for Investment and renters. To get to the proper levels, The Investors with the most investment properties will be required to sell off the excess properties to be equal with other investors.

We need to Move to De-privatizing Hospitals and Prisons.

Currently Both Industries have board of directors and stock holders. Moving away from this format we can ACTUALLY focus on Rehabilitation and re-education to better move transitioning individuals back into society. 

With these industries privatized, we have little say into the functioning of these programs. Prisons need to keep their capacity up and sometimes over-populating in order to get more money from the states and federal government. This is allows prisons to extend sentences due to “poor behavior” which also pumps more money into the bottom line. These prisons also moved away from Education because they want the Inmates to commit crimes to support themselves and increase the possibility of recidivism.

Hospitals on the other hand charge absorbent amount for items, in order to charge insurance companies as much as they can and, in turn, is the reason why the cost of Insurance is so much and covers very little. By De Privatizing we can keep the costs down on the items and STILL pay the Doctors and Nurses properly and increasingly. This will also keep costs down for the participating insurance companies in the future healthcare programs. 

U.S. climate and environment diplomacy aspires to realize economic growth, energy security, and a healthy planet. The well-being of the natural world affects millions of U.S. jobs and the health of our people, and so we work with partners to advance U.S. interests on issues such as addressing the climate crisis, combating wildlife trafficking, fostering resilience, conserving nature, water security, and reducing harmful pollutants.

Bold action to tackle the climate crisis is more urgent than ever. The record-breaking heat, floods, storms, drought, and wildfires devastating communities around the world underscore the grave risks we already face. Through our actions at home and our leadership abroad, the United States is doing its part to build a zero-carbon future that creates good jobs and ensures a healthy, livable planet for generations to come.

We prioritize anti-corruption and seek to make it even harder for criminality and terrorism to take root and spread, to promote governments that are more stable and accountable, and to level the playing field for U.S. businesses to compete in every region.

All Threats to society Need to Be Held to the Law of the Land to maintain Peace and happiness.

The Role Of the Government is Too SUPPORT Its Citizens and Protect the Citizens from all threats foreign or domestic.

The Pursuit of Happiness Must be Attainable and realistic for ALL of The Nations Citizens.

Let's Get To Work