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The American Dream. It seems like a far cry to reality for many. This does not have to be true. We strive for the House, White picket Fence, and car for mom and Dad with 2.5 Children. Citizens are refusing to try to raise families because of the world we live in today. The cost of living, the unfair conditions, and living in fear are just some of the reasons that current generations are not reproducing. 

Energy needs to be a free and natural resource. Wind Farms, Water Turbines, and Solar Farms will be implemented. The cost of these farms will be diverted funds from the Oil and fuel industry subsidies. The Farms will be built in appropriate areas where the resource is in abundance for wind, solar, and water turbines. Energy Will Be pushed into grid for all to use and benefit from. Current Electric companies will be used for Maintenance on grid. Citizens will should no longer be charged for Electricity. Land That is Owned By federal government will be used.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure and fueling stations will be built with Diverted funds from the Subsidies and aide that was previously given to Oil Industry. Land Owned by Federal Government will be used for the infrastructure and fueling stations. 

Manufacturers who have the desire to compete in the all electric Vehicle market will be required to have a vehicle fit Family of 5, 400 Mile Range, and Last for at least 500K Miles. All for under 25K OTD. A direct government Rebate of 20K will be given for this vehicle

Each manufacturer will be required to have 3 vehicles achieve more than 30 MPG Highway and fit a family of 5. One Coupe, One Sedan and One Truck. AND must under 25K all inclusive OTD not including any rebates or deductions. Families will be given an UP FRONT Rebate of $12,500 for Family Vehicle and $6,750 for two Door NON-convertible. 

Healthcare Should Be attainable for everyone as well. I am not implying Single payer healthcare, But it will be a FULL EXPANSION of Healthcare.gov which will include ONLY PARTICIPATING Insurance Companies that will honor the program. Premiums not be able to go higher than 50% of the Citizens weekly Income. Also, It will include FULL COVERAGE of EVERYTHING POSSIBLE IN THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. Deductible and Max out of Pocket will Not exceed 20% of citizens Monthly Income. Employers will No longer have  Healthcare Benefit Requirement. But,  Employers will required to pay the deductibles of the employees as their only healthcare cost obligation. ACA Hour requirement will be removed. No More need of Cutting Hours for employees trying to better their lifestyle or financial needs.

Higher Education should also be free for those who seek to enter the workforce with a better preparedness level.

Let My Experience Guide Us

We need to redefine and change the method of credit reporting and only record 3 years history. We need to eliminate the Inquiries portion because it is no ones business that we are shopping around. The Creation of a new Credit Rating system should be created if necessary as ONE SCORE and no alternate rating systems. What you see on the New Rating Scoring System MUST be reflected on System of the lender. If Not, a fine for the amount that the Customer is Seeking will be implemented. Experian, Transunion, and Equifax will be given the opportunity to partner and create the ONE SCORE SYSTEM or The Government will create its own if directed criteria is not honored.

The Auto Industry is A HUGE Reason why we are in the Historic High Inflation Rates and HUGE REASON behind the record Repossession levels to date. Auto Interest rates need to be capped at 15% and anything over that will be recognized as Predatory Banking which Should be criminalized.

I will also push to instill a UNIVERSAL Car Value Department for Trade ins, so car dealers cannot STEAL trade ins and Undervalue  trade ins to make a buck. So the value will be in BLACK and WHITE, and Dealers will be fined the REAL value of the car, to be paid to the Customer.

Dealers need to PROPERLY stand by their Used cars. Every Dealer should provide free of Charge 6 Month Bumper to Bumper Warranties on EVERY USED VEHICLE THEY SELL. This Guarantees the quality of their thorough inspections.

Car Advertised price MUST BE HONORED and MUST BE INCLUSIVE of ALL FEES AND CHARGES inclusive of taxes. No Market Adjustments, no disclosures, No fine print, No extra fees whatsoever. If dealerships OFFER a Dealer Package that OFFERS VALUE to the customer will be the only added line Item, it MUST BE REMOVED if requested by customer. Dealer Must PROVIDE a Physical and Digital representation of the pricing breakdown during presentation of deal. If the Proper Price is not Honored. The Dealer will fined the value of the car and the car will be given to the customer no charge. Dealer will be ordered to pay the taxes and registration fees.

I have lived Paycheck to Paycheck and I currently Still DO. I will PROPERLY and RESPONSIBLY Fight Inflation! Getting back to a More affordable and Comfortable state where Actual Working class benefit.. (Currently approximately 62% of the working class live paycheck to paycheck and are not able to prepare for financial emergencies, such as medical, transportation, random elevated bill such as Summer Electric AC increase, etc.)

The world we live in today is a scary one. Homelessness is sky high. Inflation is also at an all Time High. I actually have the know how and Motivation to take control of these issues. 

I refuse to accept things i Can change. I will, with your support, get us back to Normalcy.

Insanity is Running Rampant throughout Congress. We will get back to work and actually work for our constituents. No Vendettas and No grudges. They Are Elected to Serve Us and that is what I am Going to do.

I will Guarantee a Proposal of a bill FOR the American People that will say, “No Household Making Under $75k will be charged any Federal Income Tax.

Each Student will be offered Breakfast and Lunch at EACH SCHOOL, at no cost to the families. 

Healthcare should be FREE to Every Child until age of 18

Overhaul of Child Protective Services will be in the plans for the best of the child.

Banking industry either has to change their criteria to where the majority of Americans can attain a home or The United States Government should be the Lender with Rock Bottom Rates. The Interest will go into the Revenue for the Federal Government to Fund other Citizen Aiding Programs. All Government Backed Loans will not exceed 5% Interest Rates.

Every Decision, Vote, and Bill Will Be for the Benefit of All of my Constituents And All Americans

I will Fight For OUR Entitlements. (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) Republicans want to defund and eliminate these programs that almost 200,000 People in My Florida District 13 Rely on for their basic needs and survival. I WILL FIGHT TO INCREASE SOCIAL SECURITY and ENTITLEMENTS. MY ULTIMATE GOAL is to LOWER the RETIREMENT AGE so we have more time to ACTUALLY ENJOY OUR RETIREMENT that we earned!

As a Former REAL REPUBLICAN, I am a Constitution Purist and rely heavily on Real Conservative Values with less government over the common Man. The Regulation is only needed to Control Corporate America and maintain LAW AND ORDER. The Purpose of the Government is to aid, assist, and guide the pursuit of prosperity and happiness of the population. The Role is not direct and control the population. The New “Republican” Party is about Gaining more power and taking advantage of their Under or misinformed followers.


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