Healthcare Experience

December of 2012 I fell deeply ill and was subject to an Induced Come in efforts to repair damaged lungs. Hospital Bill 60k+ No insurance. Made Too Much for Charity Care.

February of 2022 I Received a Diagnosis that i will be in fear of for the rest of my life. Cancer, The biggest killer of humans. $30K+ Still Ongoing costs. Obama Care Saved me. Deductible and Out of pocket max $550

In October 2023 I fell Of a Ladder working on my own property and suffered Two Broken Legs. Obama Care Once Again Saved me Financially. $550 Out of Pocket Max and Deductible

Entitlements Experience

I Unfortunately did not come from a Wealthy or an Affluent Family. I had to do things the hard way, experience. As a Child my family resorted to need of WiC, Food Stamps, and Medicaid. We have To Uplift Our Citizens and allow them to succeed and Raise the Lower classes to achieve freedom as well. These are Programs that need to be controlled by Federal departments in order to raise the median and even the playing field.

I have in my career have had My fair share of difficulty navigating the unemployment agencies as well. As Many Americans we do fall on bad times and have to subsequently rely heavily on the Unemployment Department. So I do Know how we need to help Americans, Not only Get back to work, But able to come back prepared for Society. All While Not hitting the Panic Button of Survival. FEDERAL Unemployment Agency Must be adopted and use data to be more in line with NATIONAL NEEDS to make it more even across the board. This will Allow States to reallocate their funding to better suited programs to specifically help their States where they feel best for their PopulationI